Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dinosaurs, Big as Trees...

... dinosaurs, brains like PEAS!

My kiddos LOVE this song, every year!  They BEG me to play it again and again, so I do if they earn it... yep, they have to earn it and then they sing along!  The fifth grade teacher who shares a wall with me will be so glad to have someone else in my room next year who is not SCREAMING,
 "brains like PEAS!" 
I sing A LOT with my kiddos and honestly it may be a bit annoying to have a classroom next door to me!

Needless to say we studied Dino's this week as part of our Amazing Creatures Unit.  

We wrote about Dinosaurs...

"How is the Ice Cream?"  "Good but I have a ice cream mustache."

Read about Dinosaurs.  (By the way I LOVE this book... the kids have the best discussions about what the dinos would do if they came back and it leads to a great discussion about fantasy vs. reality)

We were paleontologists and uncovered a few dinosaurs.

This was our last week of centers for the year!  WHAT!?!?  Yep, next week we have graduation program practice and then the first week of May is kinder graduation, testing, and then FIRST GRADE baby!  I can't believe my kinder kids are going to be moving on... it is harder this year because this kinder kid is moving on...

Oh how I adore her!  It has been pretty amazing to have her with me this year!

But it is also my last year at my school... I love my school.  Ending this year and knowing I am not returning in the fall... ughh.  

I know we all think we teach at the BEST school ever so it comes as no shock that I feel the same way, our faculty is AMAZING!  I have been so blessed to begin my teaching career here.  I have grown and developed as a teacher and I now feel ready to take on a new challenge!  But I am still going to cry my eyes out on my last day... guaranteed.

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