Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These are the 3D Shapes...

We have been studying our 3D shapes this week... and the kiddos have done A.MA.Zing.  Amazing I tell ya at learning the names of these shapes!  I love my little kinder kiddos!

We read this AWESOME book (which actually has no words so read is maybe the wrong verbage... )  I LOVE this book!  It helps my kiddos realize that 3D shapes are all around us!

We watched this cute video, a few times, to help us learn the vocab.

We also did some sorting...  Print off your own sorting mat by clicking HERE.

And learned these rhymes:

We experimented which shapes can stack, roll, or slide and reported our results on a class graph.

Now I get to enjoy 2 days off for FALL BREAK!  I am super excited!  Tomorrow laundry but Friday... we will be off playing hard!  Jealous?!?

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