Tuesday, October 9, 2012

H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N {freebie}

I am a huge fan of our friend Mr. Harry!  I don't know how I ever taught without his fun songs to enrich my curriculum.  This is a fun little Halloween tune that would be super fun to sing with your kiddos. 
We had a few extra minutes with my PM class today and I whipped this out to sing while we waited to line up for the bus, they loved it!

I am feeling all Halloween-ish since we had our first two Halloween parties of the season last weekend (an amazing faculty party, and an outrageous house party which I left with all sorts of goodies, coupons, and freebies!  It was my first house party and I am HOOKED) I love all the fun of Halloween (not the spooky part though, that blood, gore, and scare is not for me... I am NOT a haunted house kind of girl) pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, and kiddos in cute costumes sign me up!

But let's be honest my kiddos really make the season exciting!  They are planning out their costumes, bringing home cute projects from school, and giggling about smelling feet and getting treats!  I love being a mom!  The kidlets and I finally put up a few decorations last weekend as well.  It feels nice to come home and see signs of Halloween in the house... lots more to do though, we are far from finished.  My favorite way to decorate for any holiday is to stick my kiddos crafts and artwork in frames... I am sentimental.  I know.  I keep their holiday artwork for ages... and get all weepy when I pull it out!  Even weepier when it is too old and faded to keep up anymore!  haha.

So my dearies, in honor of the season... I hope you are stirring up some Halloween fun wherever you may be... here is your freebie!  I am all about the think, draw, write for my little kinder kidlets these days so here is a little diddy I whipped up just tonight for my team to use with our kinder kidlets, thought I would share!  Just click on the image to head on over to my google docs and snag your own copy!
Happy Halloween!

Freebie Fridays

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