Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Eyes, My Eyes!

My eyes are twitching, What?! Yep, my eyes are TWITCHING!  Apparently reading report cards to parents upside down in tiny fonts for 2 days, all day, has given me an eye twitch... ugh!

During one SEP my eyes just started to water, I looked like I was having a break down.  The confused father sitting across from me smiled kindly.  I reassured him that I was fine but my eyes were wigging out... I am not sure he believed me.  My eyes are twitching, in front of parents, at SEP (parent-teacher) conferences and I am certain they all think I am CRAZY.  The custodian asked me if I was feeling alright, it looked like I had been crying.  I wasn't.  People think I am having an emotional break down, which now I might because my eyes have gone CRAY-CRAY!  For the first two days of SEP week (our version of parent-teacher conferences) there is NO KINDERGARTEN (the rest of the week they come-but it is shortened schedule) so we can fit in all of those conferences for our 40+ kidlets.  The days are LOOONG.  I feel more exhausted just sitting there talking to parents than I do when I am teaching.  I have to talk too much.  I get nervous. Do parents make you nervous?  Even after 9 years of teaching parents make me nervous (I love them to pieces don't get me wrong and they are so very kind to me, they just make me nervous... anyone older than 5 seems to make me nervous).  I have to read report cards upside down for 6+ hours and my eyes twitch.  What the crappy-ness!  At least I have kidlets back tomorrow, days are better with kidlets. Tomorrow we have a pediatric dentist coming to talk to us about dental health and our principal, staff developer, and librarian are coming in to perform a skit titled: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.  It will be spectacular (they perform a new and exciting skit for us each year, written and directed by our lovely staff developer, who we lovingly call Kitty, even though her office is completely decorated in Snoopy, she is hilarious!).  I am giddy with anticipation, maybe that is why my eyes are twitching... the thought of our pending production has me spinning!

The hours of SEP conferences following such excitement will be better tomorrow, I guarantee it.  No eye twitching allowed!  Until then I am taking my twitchy eye and going to bed.  B.E.D.

So how was your day?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway & Facebook...

I love all my fabulous followers!
Hurry!  Just a few more days to enter my giveaway.  The wonderful Mrs. Leeby is joining me and giving away one of her Spring Units, believe me you WANT this prize. 

I am also giving away copies of my Center Signs. 

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And FYI, I finally broke down and added a facebook page!  

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Friday, February 22, 2013

100 Follower Giveaway!

I have FINALLY made it to 100 followers!  WHAT!  It seems like it has taken forever for this little blog to reach that monumental milestone!  In honor of this exciting moment I am having a GIVEAWAY!

5 lucky followers will get a copy of my Center Signs!


What!?!  Yep!  One of my MOST requested items that people have seen on this little blog are those circle center signs hanging from my ceiling.  I made them, but I couldn't share them due to the fact that I had used Thistle Girl clipart and I did not have a commercial license... boo hoo!

Fast forward to today and I have completely re-made those center signs and used the clipart from someone you may know:

If you haven't checked out Ashley's stuff do it, NOW!  I adore her clipart!

So now that my center sign packs are new and fresh and using clipart that I can legally sell they are ready to giveaway to one lovely follower!  

I have put them into 2 packs

Each pack is ready for you to PRINT, post onto colored circles (I just use colored cardstock; that is how I sort my centers into groups: green=language arts, blue=other subjects, pink=play/discovery.  My teammate posted hers onto colored circles from CTP and they turned out SOOOO cute!).  However you post them I recommend making them double sided and laminating them!

You can see my current (with the Thistle Girl clipart) center sign at the top of this picture)

Also ONE lucky follower will get this AMAZING unit from the wonderful Mrs. Leeby

(click the image below to see this unit at her TpT store)

So without further ado... 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Belated President's Day...

...because LATE is better than NEVER!  I have been so busy finishing up report card assessments and getting all my  crap  important documentation together to re-license, which is costing an arm and a leg now, ughh!  I just NEVER got around to posting my President's Day FREEBIES I made for all of you! WHAT?!?!  Yep, you heard me right, FREEBIES!  As you all know I have a crush on our friend Harry, I use his songs ALL THE TIME!  So of course we watched this:

Then I created cut and paste activities for the kiddos to test what they learned from the video.
(Click on the image below to get your own copy from Google Docs)

We also discussed the various pets some of our past presidents have had... then the kidlets got to choose what pet they would have if they were President.
Here I am as President Sumens with my pet zebra on the white house lawn.

Do you want your own copy?
Click below:

We also talked about the parts of the flag, made a national symbols book, and learned You're a Grand Old Flag for our end of the year program.  Whew.  It has been a busy week.  With all of that and our report card testing, Treasures Unit, and fitting in MATH (I always teach money this week, it ties in NICELY with our study of presidents and symbols).
We watched this: (I know you are SHOCKED it is a Harry K video)

After the video we solved some riddles about coins and then played Kagan style with a quiz, quiz trade all about MONEY!  The kids had a BLAST learning about money today and hopefully we have those coins down because my daughter and I cannot seem to get this song out of our heads.... haha.

Oh and by the way, did you notice that I am almost to 100 followers?!  It seems like it has been a looooong time coming!  So I really want to plan a big giveaway... if you are interested in joining in leave me a comment below or send me an e-mail: mindysumens@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hall Pass

I must be feeling a bit burnt out, let's be honest I have a million and one things to post what with Valentines, President's Day, Dental Health, and Dr. Seuss.... a million and one I tell ya.  So what am I posting?  Another linky party... not focused.  Let's add that 2 of my kids and myself are sick, yet again!  Yet, again!  I really should take a day tomorrow and just try to get better but report cards and parent teacher conferences are next week and I have assessments, ASSESSMENTS, and more assessments!  I can't leave my assessments to a sub.  So instead of sub plans and my million and one things to share I am taking a hall pass, because I REALLY need a hall pass:

Here's a fun linky I hope you will join!  Let's get some great ideas from each other and take a break from our classrooms for a few!  In this linky I want you to share the following things:

Product:  My favorite product is actually one of my Freebies, it is my ABC chart.  I use it in my classroom daily!  DAILY.  I had it printed poster size (at our district media center) I have a set in color for my guided reading groups, I have a class set in black and white for my kidlets to use whenever they need, and each of my kiddos has a black and white copy at home.  Click on the picture BELOW to go to my TpT store and download your FREE copy!

Area:  My favorite area in my classroom is my rug/whiteboard/easel area.  This is the HUB of my classroom.  Out interactive whiteboard is here (it is that TEENY TINY thing at the top of my whiteboard, it is an e-beam and I love it!), our easel ,our focus wall.  My desk and guided reading area... it is where MOST of our learning happens.

Signal:  I have MANY but my kiddos favorite is, "Tootsie roll, lollipop  we've been talking now let's STOP!"
\Is it because it is about food?  candy?  Who knows but it WORKS!

I also like to sing Dr. Jean's song, Have a Seat (Everybody have a seat, have a seat , have a seat, everybody have a seat on the floor... not  on the ceiling, not on the door, everybody have a seat on the floor.)

and the standard, "1,2,3 eyes on me.  1,2 eyes on you"

Sanity:  Diet Coke and Recess.  A hard day just needs a few minutes of fresh air and some caffeine.  Chatting with my amazing team members in the Southern Utah sun is an added bonus because I teach with two of the most amazing ladies on the planet!  A.MAZ.ING.  A day without recess is BRU.TAL.  For all of us!

But my real sanity saver comes once a year during teacher appreciation week our principal SPOILS us with a SPA DAY!  I teach all year for that spa day I tell ya.  She brings in students from the local cosmetology school to give pedicures, manicures, massages, and even has a lady come and give eye brow waxes... WHAT?!?!  Yep.  I always go home with pretty toes!  Our Staff Developer sets up a fancy spread of yummy treats and our principal (and PTA volunteers)  watch the kiddos for a LONG recess break while we get to enjoy a little spa time (each grade level gets 30 minutes!)

You are wanting to teach at my school come May... I know!  My principal is pretty great!  Okay I am hauling my stuffy, sneezy, exhausted, sore throat, self to my bedroom to down a little Nyquil and then watch the Bachelor... because I am certain that it will be more interesting with the after effects of Nyquil, certain.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Notes Link Up

I am linking up with AMY at Literacy and Laughter, Here Goes:

“Lovely List”
Name: Mindy
Grade you Teach: Kindergarten 
State: Utah
Birthday: September 29th 
Favorite Colors: Apple Green, Raspberry Pink, and Butter Yellow (Is it weird that all of my colors are based off of foods?!?)
Lucky Number: 7
Favorite Subject to Teach: Science
Go to Snack: String Cheese and Crackers (but I would be great with a donut!)
TV Show: John Stewart, Downton Abbey, Psych
Last Movie You Watched: Peter Pan (with my 4 year old)
Music You are Loving Right Now: Phillip Phillips (HOME)
Always shopping at: Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree, Old Navy
Word of the day: Dickle (you had to be there but let's just say our staff developer had a hard time saying 'pickle' today... hilarious but awkward moment for her!)  We said "dickle" to her every time we saw her from then on!  HI.lar.IOUS.


A blog you are loving RIGHT now:

All Things Thrifty

Your Valentine or February pin board:

Valentine Day felt garland

a product you adore:

My lap desk from Bed Bath and Beyond!  Hubsters gave it to me for Christmas and I have LOVED it!!!

“We’d all love to know…”

What are your favorite hobbies or what do you enjoy doing during your free time? 

Free what?  Haha!

First and foremost these guys:

Okay I seriously need a new family picture... my 'baby' is almost 3!!! 

Of course blogging, and blogstalking, and then there is the creating of materials for my classroom... 

I LOVE movies and going out to eat (because I HATE dishes) but with 3 little kids getting out doesn't happen as often as I would like, at least to somewhere where I can order off a menu and the volume is at a comfortable decibel level.

Your favorite vacation destination?
Okay, I am not a camper... I mean if I had to I would but luckily hubby isn't too into it so I don't have to.  I prefer a motel with running water and a bed.  So really anywhere with a hotel and wi-fi and I am good!

We went to Monterey a few years back and I was in love.  LOVE.  (We are going back in a few weeks for our 10 year anniversary).
I also love visiting Seattle and Pentiction, BC

We live only a couple hours from Vegas so that is a quick weekend trip whenever the mood is right (and we can get a sitter for the kids).

But my DREAM vacay is to NEW YORK!  I want to go to shows, MOMA, Grand Central Station, Eat at yummy restaurants, see the Statue of Liberty!  
That is on my Bucket List!

The best advice you’ve been given?

Love who you are RIGHT NOW!

If you can't be happy with the YOU that you see in the mirror today and LOVE that person no weight loss, hair color, wardrobe change is going to fix you.  Love yourself now, find the good... the positive... and go from there!

Most rewarding part of teaching?
Seeing the lightbulb.  Those "I get it" moments that happen.  

What are you known for?
I help with a LOT of the tech-ie questions at school (but only if it has to do something CUTE- I tell people all the time if it is on Excel, ask someone else!  I only do cute!)

Clip Art and Fonts
(I have a million fonts and way too much clipart, teachers come to me if they need to make something!)

Singing, not well mind you, but my hubby majored in MUSIC (vocal) so we SING A LOT at our house, my kids sing ALL DAY LONG and consequently I sing often with my students.  Years ago I would have been too embarrassed to sing in my classroom with my door open, not NOW!  I don't even think who might hear me as we sing ALL DAY.  Teachers in my hallway tell time by what song we are singing when.  

2 random facts:

I have been BUNGEE JUMPING.  Yep.  If you know me know you might be a bit surprised by that factoid, but, if you knew me then... it probably wouldn't surprise you one bit.


I couldn't get pregnant for 4 years and then got pregnant without meaning to TWICE!  I went from infertile to fertile myrtle!  CrAzY!  Now I have 3 amazing (and VERY close) kiddos whom I ADORE!

The Loves of Your Life:
Share a picture(s) of your LOVES.

The loves of my life are above... 

and I love them with every bit of my soul!  

Oh and THIS guy:

I kinda love him too!

And then there is our Noki (our first child who helped me through those years when I couldn't have a baby) he is the BEST big brother EVER and my kiddos love him!

Now link up!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homemade Valentines...

The kiddos and I made our valentines this weekend.  Whew!  Having to make 42 valentines for both me and my daughter this year about killed me... ughh.  Yep, you read that correctly 84 valentines!  Sprinkle in the 15 for my little man to take to preschool and let's just say I walked out of the party store spending $40 in candy and bouncy balls!  At least my little man is still in pre-school... because having to write his name 15 times was his limit.  He needed multiple water breaks, he was "running out of energy" haha.  I sure do love him!  My toddler was not wanting to be left out of the fun so she got to make valentines out of our leftovers, they turned out just marvelous, haha!  Anyway here is a sneak peak at our valentines this year.

I am getting everything pulled together for our holiday party this week, whew!  I was super excited to run across the Freebie-licious blog hop this weekend and grabbed a few fun activities to sprinkle into my week.  If you haven't already, check it out, it is worth the time!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

We are Writers!

Remember back to the beginning of the year... remember all those kiddos who couldn't write their name?  Didn't know any letters? Couldn't make a straight line?!?!  Remember thinking, "Man I am starting all over... all over!"  And little by little day by day we work and learn and then the day comes when you look at their writing and think, "holy cow, we have come so far!"  And then they line up for library without pushing shoving or talking (okay that still doesn't happen every time).  Even still, we are there... it is the time of year that I LOVE.  Now is when I feel all of that hard work is coming together, they are sounding out words, making correct sentences (most of the time), and in some cases writing multiple sentences (that always makes my heart happy!) I love to see them excited about writing, love it!  Here are a few samples from this week!

"I like to go to the farm.  Because I like the farm."

" I like Smelling flowers!  I love flowers!  We love flowers!  Flowers are pretty!"

"I like to go to the cat (store)."

"I like to go to Beaver.  I like Beaver!  Cuz Beaver is fun cuz I get to see my friends."

"I am just me but soon I am going to be a dentist!"

"I like the park.  I like the park so much.  Even just to sit on the sidewalk."

"I like to go to school!  I like school.  School is fun!  I like working!"

"I like to go to the jungle."

"I like to go to the store."

"I like to (go) to my dentist and my dad is my dentist!"

"We like going to the ice cream shop!  I like pink (ice cream)!"

I have added a link to the writing paper that I use in my student's journals.  Click HERE to get your own copy!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hip, Hip, Hooray for the 100th Day!

The 100th day has come and gone! Whew!  It was quite a celebration!  The kiddos came dressed like they were 100 years old, hilarious!  We also completed the following activities:

  • 100th Day Hats & Stickers
  • 100 Cups (stacking and building)
  • Zero the Hero Books
  • 100th Day Snack
  • Fruit Loop Necklace
  • 100th Day Detectives
  • Me at 100!
  • 100 Penny Stack
  • Roll to 100
  • 100 kisses for Mr. Wolf (stamp markers)
  • Write the Room to 100! (number words counting by 10's)