Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Eyes, My Eyes!

My eyes are twitching, What?! Yep, my eyes are TWITCHING!  Apparently reading report cards to parents upside down in tiny fonts for 2 days, all day, has given me an eye twitch... ugh!

During one SEP my eyes just started to water, I looked like I was having a break down.  The confused father sitting across from me smiled kindly.  I reassured him that I was fine but my eyes were wigging out... I am not sure he believed me.  My eyes are twitching, in front of parents, at SEP (parent-teacher) conferences and I am certain they all think I am CRAZY.  The custodian asked me if I was feeling alright, it looked like I had been crying.  I wasn't.  People think I am having an emotional break down, which now I might because my eyes have gone CRAY-CRAY!  For the first two days of SEP week (our version of parent-teacher conferences) there is NO KINDERGARTEN (the rest of the week they come-but it is shortened schedule) so we can fit in all of those conferences for our 40+ kidlets.  The days are LOOONG.  I feel more exhausted just sitting there talking to parents than I do when I am teaching.  I have to talk too much.  I get nervous. Do parents make you nervous?  Even after 9 years of teaching parents make me nervous (I love them to pieces don't get me wrong and they are so very kind to me, they just make me nervous... anyone older than 5 seems to make me nervous).  I have to read report cards upside down for 6+ hours and my eyes twitch.  What the crappy-ness!  At least I have kidlets back tomorrow, days are better with kidlets. Tomorrow we have a pediatric dentist coming to talk to us about dental health and our principal, staff developer, and librarian are coming in to perform a skit titled: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.  It will be spectacular (they perform a new and exciting skit for us each year, written and directed by our lovely staff developer, who we lovingly call Kitty, even though her office is completely decorated in Snoopy, she is hilarious!).  I am giddy with anticipation, maybe that is why my eyes are twitching... the thought of our pending production has me spinning!

The hours of SEP conferences following such excitement will be better tomorrow, I guarantee it.  No eye twitching allowed!  Until then I am taking my twitchy eye and going to bed.  B.E.D.

So how was your day?

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