Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Notes Link Up

I am linking up with AMY at Literacy and Laughter, Here Goes:

“Lovely List”
Name: Mindy
Grade you Teach: Kindergarten 
State: Utah
Birthday: September 29th 
Favorite Colors: Apple Green, Raspberry Pink, and Butter Yellow (Is it weird that all of my colors are based off of foods?!?)
Lucky Number: 7
Favorite Subject to Teach: Science
Go to Snack: String Cheese and Crackers (but I would be great with a donut!)
TV Show: John Stewart, Downton Abbey, Psych
Last Movie You Watched: Peter Pan (with my 4 year old)
Music You are Loving Right Now: Phillip Phillips (HOME)
Always shopping at: Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree, Old Navy
Word of the day: Dickle (you had to be there but let's just say our staff developer had a hard time saying 'pickle' today... hilarious but awkward moment for her!)  We said "dickle" to her every time we saw her from then on!  HI.lar.IOUS.


A blog you are loving RIGHT now:

All Things Thrifty

Your Valentine or February pin board:

Valentine Day felt garland

a product you adore:

My lap desk from Bed Bath and Beyond!  Hubsters gave it to me for Christmas and I have LOVED it!!!

“We’d all love to know…”

What are your favorite hobbies or what do you enjoy doing during your free time? 

Free what?  Haha!

First and foremost these guys:

Okay I seriously need a new family picture... my 'baby' is almost 3!!! 

Of course blogging, and blogstalking, and then there is the creating of materials for my classroom... 

I LOVE movies and going out to eat (because I HATE dishes) but with 3 little kids getting out doesn't happen as often as I would like, at least to somewhere where I can order off a menu and the volume is at a comfortable decibel level.

Your favorite vacation destination?
Okay, I am not a camper... I mean if I had to I would but luckily hubby isn't too into it so I don't have to.  I prefer a motel with running water and a bed.  So really anywhere with a hotel and wi-fi and I am good!

We went to Monterey a few years back and I was in love.  LOVE.  (We are going back in a few weeks for our 10 year anniversary).
I also love visiting Seattle and Pentiction, BC

We live only a couple hours from Vegas so that is a quick weekend trip whenever the mood is right (and we can get a sitter for the kids).

But my DREAM vacay is to NEW YORK!  I want to go to shows, MOMA, Grand Central Station, Eat at yummy restaurants, see the Statue of Liberty!  
That is on my Bucket List!

The best advice you’ve been given?

Love who you are RIGHT NOW!

If you can't be happy with the YOU that you see in the mirror today and LOVE that person no weight loss, hair color, wardrobe change is going to fix you.  Love yourself now, find the good... the positive... and go from there!

Most rewarding part of teaching?
Seeing the lightbulb.  Those "I get it" moments that happen.  

What are you known for?
I help with a LOT of the tech-ie questions at school (but only if it has to do something CUTE- I tell people all the time if it is on Excel, ask someone else!  I only do cute!)

Clip Art and Fonts
(I have a million fonts and way too much clipart, teachers come to me if they need to make something!)

Singing, not well mind you, but my hubby majored in MUSIC (vocal) so we SING A LOT at our house, my kids sing ALL DAY LONG and consequently I sing often with my students.  Years ago I would have been too embarrassed to sing in my classroom with my door open, not NOW!  I don't even think who might hear me as we sing ALL DAY.  Teachers in my hallway tell time by what song we are singing when.  

2 random facts:

I have been BUNGEE JUMPING.  Yep.  If you know me know you might be a bit surprised by that factoid, but, if you knew me then... it probably wouldn't surprise you one bit.


I couldn't get pregnant for 4 years and then got pregnant without meaning to TWICE!  I went from infertile to fertile myrtle!  CrAzY!  Now I have 3 amazing (and VERY close) kiddos whom I ADORE!

The Loves of Your Life:
Share a picture(s) of your LOVES.

The loves of my life are above... 

and I love them with every bit of my soul!  

Oh and THIS guy:

I kinda love him too!

And then there is our Noki (our first child who helped me through those years when I couldn't have a baby) he is the BEST big brother EVER and my kiddos love him!

Now link up!


  1. Love all the pictures of your sweet family! I love Downton Abbey, too. I never heard of it until this year, and so I looked it up on Netflix and watched season 1; got the free Hulu plus preview for a week and watched season 2; in the meantime I was recording the current season on my DVR and now I'm all caught up!! I am going to get the book Below Stairs that the show was loosely based on. Can't wait to read it!

    1. Were you as devastated as I was at the finale?

  2. Mindy, thanks for linking up. Your post was cracking me up between your favorite colors and "I'd be great with a donut". ha ha! : ) I LOVE your advice. So, so true! Your children are adorable!


    1. Thanks! What a fun linky, thanks for hosting!