Thursday, June 6, 2013


Just a few reasons I love SuMmEr:

Waking up to my kids squeals and giggles and not my alarm.

Playing at the splash pad.

Road trips... look at houses, for our BIG move!

Hiking with our friends.

Reading with my 4 year old!

Being tourists in our own (soon to be old) town.

Making cookies in the morning!


Potty Training (okay it is NOT my favorite but I needed a few solid summer days to get it DONE!) she has done FABULOUS and I am pleased to say she may just be trained!  Whew!
(Yes, yes, maybe I am having her go potty in the back of my van, maybe, after 3 days of being stuck at home potty training we NEEDED to get out and go hike and play and maybe, just maybe, we brought our potty with us!) 

Running through the sprinklers.

 Spending time with cousins, looking for lizards!

Ordering items for OUR (mine and HUBBY's) new classrooms!  
I am decorating his bulletin boards whether he likes it or NOT!

letting the girls dress themselves, and nobody CARES!

Picnics at the park.

 Hanging out with this face ALL DAY and her pure joy when I tell her, "Mommy doesn't have to go to school today!"


Despite the fact that I am also trying to do this:
and selling a house is not my favorite thing!   I put off getting it listed until summer because I knew myself well enough to know my house would NOT be ready to show to ANYONE during the last couple weeks of school!  Please tell me your house turns into a disaster zone during the final weeks of school as well.  

Ready or not next year brings BIG and EXCITING changes for our family!  I am so excited!  I am so nervous, eek!  I have to make new friends and colleagues (I have taught at the same school and lived in the same house for 8 years, it will be hard to start over). But, I can't wait, this transitional phase is HARD because hubsters and I just want to get up there and start getting settled.  I am trying to remind myself to be patient and enjoy our last summer in BEAUTIFUL St. George. 

Hopefully soon I will be able to head north again and spend a few hours in my new classroom, I can't wait to start posting a few pictures of my space as I slowly transform it!

Yesterday I bought a whole bunch of tissue poms... they will look fabulous in my new space!

Happy Summer!

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