Thursday, May 30, 2013

Road Trip....

Road trip.
Hubsters and I are road tripping, taking my first load of school stuff the 250-ish miles to what will soon be our new home town.  He has a training at the Junior High he will be teaching at... I have LOTS of crap I mean fabulous and priceless items I cannot teach without, that need to be transported to my new classroom.  So we are multitasking.  Yesterday I  walked into my new school as an official employee.  It was fantastic!  I met the secretary, the custodian,  and saw what will be (because the other teacher is not quite out yet) my new classroom (it is fabulous).  Did I mention I am still teaching kindergarten?!?  Things couldn't be working out more perfectly. Hubby is in training today and tomorrow.  He is meeting his new faculty and getting to see his choir room. I felt like I was dropping my baby off for his first day of school!  I may have been more nervous than he was, hoping he made new friends... haha.

While he is training, I am at my bestie's mom's funeral, so sad. So glad I could be here though.  We found out her mom had stage 4 cancer a week ago.  The doctor's said she had a few weeks or months.  I had planned on going over and helping out, or just bringing food, while we were here and hubby was busy with his things, I had no idea that I would be supporting her at the funeral instead.

Moving from St. George is hard and leaving my best friend is even harder. Thankfully she is from where we are moving to, what are the chances?  I expect her to visit me often!   She better.  She has family here to she will be passing by.
All these changes. It is exciting, sad, overwhelming. Whew. If I am MIA over the summer that's why.

First load of school stuff, hubsters packed it tight!  The custodian was amazed we fit all that into our van, honestly I was too... he is a Tetris champion!

Hubby and I starting our road trip!  Love him! 

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  1. Aside from the sad news about your friend's mom, your post was quite amusing! I wish you and your hubs good luck as you start your new adventure!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter