Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You've Got Mail...

I am linking up with Monday Made it with my very first Vistaprint project.  I know I didn't hand craft these babies but I did make them on Vistaprint's website  (which was super easy) and they arrived in the mail TODAY!   I was gleeful, truly.  I bounced over to my custodian's office to show her my fabulous package and she feigned excitement for me!  Haha.  THEN I realized... something horrible, truly catastrophic... SPECIAL is spelled WRONG!  I have 100 postcards, 100!  I have 100 Thank You cards with 'special' spelled wrong **SPEICIAL* rEaLlY!!!  Deflated.  AND I couldn't even find a coupon code when I purchased these babies, so I paid full price, FULL PRICE  $40!!!!  Ouch.

So the question is.... do I send them anyway???  Try to cover it up???  Explain my error on the back of EACH ONE????  Ideas please...  but I made it, apparently didn't spell check, but I made it!  So I am linking up and hoping for your advice... please.

However thankfully my magnets are perfect!  They will be great to hand out to parents at back to school night, all my contact info right on their fridge.


  1. Your postcards are way too cute to throw away/not use. I would either put a piece of ribbon or a strip of cardstock in the color of one of the polka dots and glue it right on top of the mistake. You could add a little rhinestone(s) for some added bling or use glittery ribbon/paper. I don't know if that helps...


  2. They are cute. I bet most parents won't even notice!!!

    The Bender Bunch

  3. I love those thank you cards--Yes use them--I would make it so the extra I means something--like there is an I in the middle because I think you are special. I don't know--I hate when that happens! I am also your latest follower. I would love to have you come and visit! I also think traci is right--most parents wouldn't notice them!

  4. I liked the idea of covering it up with a ribbon! I do not think you should send it with the word spelled wrong but a ribbon covering that whole line would be a fast easy fix!!!

  5. Maybe you can find a sparkly sticker with the word special on it?

  6. Bummer!!! I agree with the others...attach a ribbon over the mistake. They have cute polka dot ribbon at Hobby Lobby and you could cut the corners to look like a banner.
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  7. Those are PRECIOUS!! My first idea was to make the little circle above the "i" into a special circle...maybe a balloon with the string coming down through the circle (drawn right over that pesky i). Also, love the idea of finding a sparkly sticker with the word special or the ribbon over that line of words! Definitely fix and use! :)

    Your guest post is up on my site today! Thanks so much for participating in the new blogger showcase!

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