Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day (and classroom reveal)

Warning: Picture overload. 

We had our first day with kidlets today... whew!  I was only testing but still... I am exhausted.  I know I promised the big classroom reveal over the weekend but I haven't had a minute to even log onto my computer let alone post pictures... eek!  I love my new little kinder kids though it is going to be a GREAT year!

So without further ado here is my room.... sorry about all the pics, just stop NOW if you are not up for the overload.  I am linking up:

My center chart with cards at the top for grouping the kiddo into their center rotations.

Our book nook and listening center

book storage.  picture-word journals, missing: zero the hero books, math books.  

Math Manipulatives

Student Computers

View from outside door.

View from outside door (facing hallway door).

School Pledge, Class Rules, Alphabet Line

My little corner

Easel, Art Table, Dramatic Play Center

Below Whiteboard

View facing whiteboard

My ABC chart (it is a freebie at my TpT store)

Behavior Charts, File Cabinets

Sharp/Not Sharp

One of my sweet kinder kidlets from last year gave me this quote on the last day of school.  I was so glad I could keep it to take to my new room with me.  Love.

What did I do before pinterest??

My Number Cards (they are only $1 check them out at my TpT store)

Math Wall

View from inside door facing  outside door

View of my little corner of the world.  Desk, small group table, files, etc.

Puzzle table: extra puzzles are stored under the table I had intentions of making a table skirt to hide the mess, didn't happen.  Hiding behind my shelf curtains are more math supplies.

Writing Table: we will be adding to this as the year progresses.

That little corner with the green curtain is where I hide all my copies to be made and waiting to be used.

Notice my blank space on the back wall... that is for our anchor charts we will be making.

Hope you enjoyed your tour... if you lasted that long and didn't close the browser half way through.  I am excited to share this bright space with my kiddos.  Ready or not... they have come!  Whew.  Now I have to go eat, cuddle with my babies (who I missed TERRIBLY) and put my feet up.

Oh and check me out at Teaching Madness, I am being featured over there today as a budding blogger!  Thanks Amanda!


  1. Hi! I LOVE your center chart pictures! Will you share? Are they on your TPT or can you tell me where you found them! I have been searching & searching for cute pictures! I love how you have them as circles! Please help me have this cuteness in my room also! Leanne

    1. I made them I would love to share. I will e-mail them to you. I would post them on my TpT store only I do not have a commercial license for Thistle Girl clipart, I am so careful about clipart that I purchase now! I am glad you like them.

  2. Wow! That was quick! I am so excited to print them! I have a Cricut machine that I use to cut all of my circles. A Christmas gift from my hubby that I use all of the time. I have searched for days to find center signs I liked.(blogs, pinterest, google, TPT....) My classroom is being remodeled and is still under construction so I have not been able to get the room ready at all. The good news is I will have a brand new room with my own bathroom. It is suppose to be done on Monday and I leave for a Family reunion that has been planned for a year, know that you are a blessing to me and I can cross another thing from my to do list! Thank you! L

  3. Love the little white picket fence...sooo cute! It looks like you have a pretty big room-everything is so colorful and cozy! :)


  4. Your book nook is just about the cutest thing ever!
    Leading and Reading

  5. Your room is so cute! Your kids are going to love it. That little fence is precious! Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  6. Love your pom-poms! Your room is really cute!! Thanks for linking up!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  7. I used to teach Kindergarten and I loved it! Your room is adorable and inviting! It looks like a fun place to be!


  8. Your room looks awesome, what did we do before Pinterest?! The world may never know but our classrooms never looked so cute I am sure of that! Found your blog on the Blog Hop and I'm your newest follower. Would love for you to check out my blog Sent From My iPad.