Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Shopping I will Go...

My debit card needs a vacation, really I should freeze it in ice so I can't shop anymore.... at least it's not my credit card right... oh wait I pretty much maxed that out too... intervention?!?!

I know I am not the only teacher out there shopping away over the summer because thanks to Kristen over at Ladybug Teacher Files and Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B I have been able to check out everyone's spendy purchases... and thanks to all of your deal finding I wanted to go shop some more... haha!

I know I am a little late to  the party but I am linking up to show off a couple of my summer shopping finds:


Sand.  What?  Did you say... sand??  Why yes, yes I did!  Not that crappy play sand either, you know that stuff that is all rocky and powdery and yuck, nope!  The most incredible soft, fine beautiful sand... 100 lbs of it!  I got it from the store to my van, from my van to my classroom, and from my classroom to this sand table BY MYSELF!  (I looked like a complete wimpy middle aged dork doing it, but nonetheless... I did it without help and I felt like a rockstar!)  This stuff is tactile heaven and my kinder kiddos are going to L.O.V.E. it.

46 pencilboxes, yep FORTY-SIX.  My classes are already at 20 and 20, it is looking like I will have 40+ kidlets this next year, gasp.  That's a lot of report cards....  I may not have enough pencil boxes!?!
(sidenote: Did I tell you about the time I misspelled the word FORTY, I spelled it fourty on a newsletter, as a spelling word. YEP!  A parent wrote me a super sweet note asking me if the spelling of the word had changed, or if by chance I was using a variation -such as a British spelling- she was unaware of.  She was so kind not wanting to come right out and say, "You spelled this word totally and completely wrong you idiot!"  It was my first year of teaching I was a baby, so much still to learn.  I had always spelled forty that way, fourty.  It just made sense in my brain... four-ty no one ever corrected me; except for my spell check but I just assumed it was wrong! I was horrified.  I sent out an e-mail apologizing to all of the parents.  I will NEVER in my life spell forty wrong again, ever!)
But my favorite purchase of the summer was a STEAL I tell you:
 I found this lovely PiNk bag on a 70% clearance sale while shopping for clothespins (for of course a school related project)  I have been in need of a new bag and this was perfect.  When I found the turquoise wallet I was sold.  It is big enough for my yellow folder to fit (I use this great little folder to carry copies back and forth from home to school or vise versa, keep smy papers from getting wrinkled and messy).  Outside pockets for my wallet on one side and my gum, lipgloss, etc. on the other.  Inside pocket for my ever ready notebook (although it is meant for an i-pad or something similar, all padded and stretchy), and on the opposite side... cell phone and pens.  Perfect.  I can carry a couple pull-ups and wipes (those would be for my 2 year old, just in case you thought I had a serious problem), my camera, sunglasses, and I have some space left over.  So for the bag and the wallet I walked out of there for $21.  Happy day.  Every teacher needs a good bag, every mommy for that matter, let's be honest it is a girl thing!
So if you have been out shopping why not link up with me, better late than never... share your summer shopping finds.  Just click on the Ladybug's Teacher Files or Fabulous Find Friday icons above. 

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  1. Super cute bag. That sand?? Man, you worked hard for it:) Thanks so much for linking up!