Saturday, August 18, 2012

Freebie, Freebie, Freebie!!!

It is late... the house is silent.  All three kiddos and the hubby are sleeping.  I tried to join them, I really did but my mind is racing... so much to do!!!  So I crept out of bed and got to work.  I needed nameplates, I need to get them printed PRONTO and laminated so I can stick them on my kidlets pencil boxes... yep that's right pencil boxes.  (I got them for $.54/each at Walmart)

You see with 2 sessions of Kinder I HATE sticking nameplates to the tables... for some kiddos it confuses them, to have so many names adhered to one table... and it gets kinda cluttered.  Plus when they move around during centers they can't see their name, which so many of them need to see so that they can write it on their papers at the beginning of the year.  Solution?  Pencil boxes.  I stick their name on their pencil box.  they take it with them everywhere.  At the end of the day they put it in their cubby and we repeat the process again in the afternoon.  I love it.

So what am I doing at midnight?  I am stressing about my nameplates because my kinder classes start Tuesday, I am testing my last 2 kiddos on Monday... I will have my final class lists as soon as I am done testing and I can FINALLY put their names on things, finally.  Just in time for them to walk in the door.

I made them in yellow and green, since that is how I divide my classes.  Yellow for AM and Green for PM.  I hope you can use them.  I am loading them to my Google Docs.  Feel free to download HERE.
Now maybe I should try and get some sleep, otherwise I may be snoring through church tomorrow... or today rather.... but my house is so quiet, it is hard to not just sit here and enjoy it.

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  1. H, Mindy! What do you print them on? Like you, I'm scrabbking and thinking of so much to do!