Saturday, July 21, 2012

Teacher Must Have's

I am linking up with my top 5 teacher must have's~ DO you realize how hard it is to choose just 5!?!?  Soooooo hard!

First on my list, a good teaching easel.  I have taught first grade, reading recovery, and kindergarten and could not have functioned without my easel!  (I never used or needed one in fifth grade!)  If you are teaching primary grades you NEED an easel, preferably one with some storage and hopefully a place to hang a pocket chart from time to time!

Storage Containers... I am a little obsessed with storage and probably have more containers that the average teacher.  However container obsessed or not you do need to contain all those classroom items.  My first year the budget was tight so I looked at the dollar store, Target's dollar spot, I always checked the 'giveaway table' at the beginning of each year, old teachers were always getting rid of stuff.  But another great resource is your staff developer (or the equivalent at your school) we would get new books, teaching manuals, etc. etc. and they would often come in cardboard book holders or magazine file (type holders) etc. It is easy to spray paint, modge podge, etc. to make them match your classroom decor and they are FREE!!!

Gallon Size Baggies!
I use baggies of all sizes in my classroom but Gallon is my most used size by far!  Each term I send home flashcards, book marks, ABC charts, letter tiles, etc. and ALWAYS put them in a gallon size baggie for parents to hold onto and store the items.  I use them for listening centers, etc etc. etc.

Baggies are ALWAYS on my donation list and we go through them like crazy!  Stock up!

Speaking of bags, I ALWAYS keep my grocery bags, I store them in my closet and whenever a kiddo happens to forget their backpack (which is at least one kiddo each day it seems) I pull out a bag!  We put their stuff inside and then hang one handle on each shoulder, just like a backpack!  It works great and prevents their papers and take home books from getting lost on the way home!

My last MUST HAVE is... my planbook!  A great planbook is essential!   Click on my links for free downloads of my planning calendar and planbook pages.  Hope this helps and 'Happy Teaching!'


  1. Thanks for linking up, I love my teaching easel too!


  2. Oh, my! I totally agree with all your must haves! I have the same easel. Actually, I just "acquired" it for this school year. I can't live without my baggies. I recycle them and have boxes and boxes of them. And bins! I loves me bins!

    ΡΌ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. I totally agree with your must haves...especially the ziploc bags! :) Just found you, and look forward to following you!


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves quart and gallon sized zip top bags! I have a boat load of uses for them too.
    Modern Kindergarten