Friday, July 27, 2012

Freebie Friday

Freebie Fridays

It is Freebie Friday and I am linking up!

Since I have been cooped up in my interactive whiteboard class for the past 2 days I am sharing a freebie I made for our common core academy class in June.  A sweet kinder teacher in my group was in need of a book to teach positional words, it HAD to be about a bear, since the rest of her lesson was based off of this great book (classic).
Bears in the Night

She wrote up a marvelous lesson HERE that is aligned with the new Common Core.  (I realize the spacing is COMPLETELY messed up, something about downloading it off the wikki site... to my computer... yikes, sorry!  But I think all the info is there).  Thanks to Jane for letting me share her lesson idea.

And here is my freebie to go along with it, just click on the picture below to download the document.

(This book was inspired by this great book from Can Do Kinders.)

So there is your freebie, next friday I plan on linking up with my Subtracting with Pirates Lesson from Common Core Academy, the hubsters and I had a LOT of fun making up the game to go along with the lesson!  Happy Friday!  Oh and don't forget my 50th follower giveaway... enter in the rafflecopter in yesterday's post!

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