Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Belated President's Day...

...because LATE is better than NEVER!  I have been so busy finishing up report card assessments and getting all my  crap  important documentation together to re-license, which is costing an arm and a leg now, ughh!  I just NEVER got around to posting my President's Day FREEBIES I made for all of you! WHAT?!?!  Yep, you heard me right, FREEBIES!  As you all know I have a crush on our friend Harry, I use his songs ALL THE TIME!  So of course we watched this:

Then I created cut and paste activities for the kiddos to test what they learned from the video.
(Click on the image below to get your own copy from Google Docs)

We also discussed the various pets some of our past presidents have had... then the kidlets got to choose what pet they would have if they were President.
Here I am as President Sumens with my pet zebra on the white house lawn.

Do you want your own copy?
Click below:

We also talked about the parts of the flag, made a national symbols book, and learned You're a Grand Old Flag for our end of the year program.  Whew.  It has been a busy week.  With all of that and our report card testing, Treasures Unit, and fitting in MATH (I always teach money this week, it ties in NICELY with our study of presidents and symbols).
We watched this: (I know you are SHOCKED it is a Harry K video)

After the video we solved some riddles about coins and then played Kagan style with a quiz, quiz trade all about MONEY!  The kids had a BLAST learning about money today and hopefully we have those coins down because my daughter and I cannot seem to get this song out of our heads.... haha.

Oh and by the way, did you notice that I am almost to 100 followers?!  It seems like it has been a looooong time coming!  So I really want to plan a big giveaway... if you are interested in joining in leave me a comment below or send me an e-mail:


  1. I just found you through Teaching Blog Addict. Nice to meet you. Thought I'd follow you for updates. Great blog. :o)

    The Paper Maid

  2. Cute activities. Thanks for the freebies. We used the same President's video in our class as well! Congrats on reaching 100 followers. I reached it a few weeks ago so I know how exciting it is. If you need anything for your giveaway let me know.

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. I love your ideas!!!!!! All of them :) I use some of my ideas late too, its ok :) Keep them coming!!!!