Saturday, January 5, 2013

We booked our room!

Hubsters and I have almost been married 10 years!  EEK!  I suddenly feel so old, haha.  

We have been trying to figure out our anniversary trip for months now.  Our anniversary is over spring break (one benefit to getting married on spring break in college and then becoming a teacher... you always have time off for your anniversary).  We always had a great excuse to do something fun to celebrate.  Then almost 3 years ago...

...our youngest baby (who is not so much of a baby these days) was born over spring break (best spring break ever) and so going away now means being gone on her birthday.... major momma guilt.  So for the past 2 years our anniversary get away has become a family vacation and little Maggie gets to spend her birthday on vacation!   This worked out great for us and we loved celebrating our anniversary/Maggster's birthday together as a fam.

But with this being the big 10 we decided we were going away, just the two of us, no matter what!  Maggie is turning 3 and we will celebrate her birthday before and after we leave... I am sure she will forgive us.  

So once I got over the guilt of leaving my baby on her birthday, maybe I am still not completely over that... hmmmm.... and made sure my mom would take the kids, because if I can't be with her on her birthday Grandma is the next best thing, right?!?  We had to choose a destination.  Hubby has left this completely up to me... he just wanted me to make up my mind... days ago.  haha.

So I began trying to choose where to go...

Cruise (I am afraid I will get seasick)
Skiing (I am not as young as I once was and if I blow out my knee, who is going to teach my classes and take care of my children)
New York (not in the budget, but oh I wish)
Seattle (because that is where we honeymooned 10 years ago.... but it is so cold and rainy this time of year... I really would rather visit in the summer months)
Hawaii (definitely not in the budget)

Hubsters  then told me he would rather not fly... hmmm... okay within driving distance from Southern Utah... Cali?

Santa Barbara (I am a huge fan of Psych so this just seemed like a great idea!  Finding a hotel ON THE BEACH was just not going to happen though.)
San Diego (eh? I really would rather go here with the kids,  Sea World... the Zoo...)

I really wanted something near the ocean... not too busy... with a relaxed atmosphere... but still had shopping and great food (because according to my hubby that makes a good vacation).

Then it hit me I was trying so hard to find a place like MONTEREY.  Why not just go to Monterey?

We went to Monterey two years ago when our baby girl, Maggie, turned one.  I loved it.  Our hotel was right on the beach.  I woke up to the sound of waves and walked on the beach everyday.  The food was amazing.  A perfect getaway.  It was a wonderful family vacation but how great would it be for just the two of us.  No need to visit the aquarium, which I highly recommend my kidlets loved it, or hang out at the park, or the children's museum.  We could do grown up things.  We can go to nice restaurants and talk, cause that does not happen with three little kids.  Maybe even sight see.  Drive down highway 1.  Sleep in.  Relax.  Read a book on the beach.  I am not saying I don't love making a sand castle, but the thought of going to the beach and just enjoying it for me... not worrying if my kids are too close to the water, or reprimanding my little man for throwing sand in his sisters' eyes.  

So I made our hotel reservations today...

<a href="/Hotel_Review-g32737-d78347-Reviews-BEST_WESTERN_PLUS_Beach_Resort_Monterey-Monterey_Monterey_Peninsula_California.html">BEST WESTERN PLUS Beach Resort Monterey</a>: Pictures
This photo of BEST WESTERN PLUS Beach Resort Monterey is courtesy of TripAdvisor the same hotel we stayed at two years ago.  I finally made a decision and  in March I will be waking up here for 4 beautiful days!  Just me and my best friend.  I am kinda excited. And yes those are stairs, to the beach, from the rooms... yep.  It is kinda like heaven on earth.

Now I just have to start shopping for all the things I need for the trip, new clothes are definitely in order.  Nothing gets you through January like planning for a vacation!


  1. The hotel looks beautiful, you will have a great time here in California! Hopefully the weather cooperates for you :)
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

    1. When we came a couple years ago it was right after a tsunami had hit in Japan and our whale watching excursion left both me and hubby VERY seasick. We had just had lunch and to this day I cannot eat calamari! However watching the waves on the ocean was AWESOME they were so HUGE! It was insane, growing up landlocked you don't see things like that very often! Haha. Hubby and I have decided Monterey may just become our spring break vacay spot... I am so okay with that there is just something about that town that I adore.