Friday, January 4, 2013

Hearts for Newtown

My daughter (and PM student) Alyse

I haven't blogged since Newtown, I couldn't.  I had to re-prioritize for a minute, I had to hug my kids, enjoy Christmas, and just process.  Then today I had a parent come to me and ask if I had heard of this project, Hearts to Newtown, I hadn't.  They are receiving hearts from all over the world and decorating the town.  She asked if she cut out the hearts if I could find some time for my classes to decorate them, she would mail them.  How could I say "no"???  

AM class making their hearts.
Here is the facebook link:  

We told the kids that there were children that were sad and needed something to make them feel loved and happy.  Any further discussion was left up to the parents, I truly feel it was a great way to show our love and support for a fellow school during a difficult tragedy.  I also really appreciate that it is was something that our young kiddos can do without having to discuss the painful details of such a tragic event.

My PM class with their hearts.

Thanks go out to Megan (may amazing parent helper) for not only finding this project, but putting in all the work to make this activity come to fruition, and for then taking all those lovely hearts and mailing them for us.  She is amazing and I feel blessed to know her!

As I tried to tell the kids about coloring their hearts for these kids that needed some cheering up I had to choke back my tears this afternoon, I am not usually teary in front of the class (I held it together fine with my morning class).  Maybe it was looking at my own daughter sitting there at the rug, maybe it was that moments after I first heard about what was happening in Connecticut I let my PM class in the door and began teaching, on a Friday, just like today.  I don't now why, but I chocked back tears and I was reminded just how much I love each and every one of these kids.  I love these children.  Experiences like this remind me how lucky I am to teach, to be surrounded by these amazing, incredible, beautiful little people every single day.

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