Friday, January 4, 2013

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!

We have been learning about penguins that last two days.

 The kiddos have had a great time.

We spent some time on National Geographic Kids

We read books:

Made a 'Penguin Craft', completed a tree map, and wrote sentences about penguins.

I love the kiddos sentences... they did such a great job!

Completed Penguin Centers:

Penguin Sight Word Slider
Ordering Penguins 1-30
Penguin Write the Room
Penguin Listening Center
Penguin Accordion Book (how a penguin grows)
All Penguins Book (focusing on sight words)
Penguin Word Web (combined with a Penguin National Geographic Kids magazine from 2005)

Of course I didn't take a single picture on Thursday... which means not all centers are pictured but the kiddos had a great time, hopefully learned a lot, and guess what we are learning about next week???

Yep.  That's snow!  I have been looking forward to this for a VERY long time.  Last year after our winter unit I saw a blog post about Sno Wonder.  I was dying to let my class get their hands on that stuff.... only our winter unit was over and I did not have the funds to start buying snow post Christmas... fast forward to last spring... our PTA gave each grade level SCIENCE money for the next year.  I was thrilled and knew immediately that we had to have snow.  I convinced the other kinder teachers that we NEEDED snow.  It arrived just before Christmas this year.  I think I squealed with delight when I saw the box.  It was an early Christmas gift.  

I had to whip up a batch after school today just so I could see it for myself... it is so cool.  My own kids went NUTS.  I think the kinder kids will like it too.


  1. I LOVE Sno Wonder. What a great way to spend your science money. Our media specialist had a Winter Party last year, and even rented the snow blower for the kids. It was crazy, but so much fun! We don't get much (if any) snow in GA, so the kiddies went nuts. I'm going to have to snag your idea & order this spring when I'm not Christmas broke. Love it :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Oh my kiddos would freak out over a winter party. I read that some people stick their sno wonder in the freezer to make it really cold... oh how I wish I could pull that off... like you we get very little snow in southern Utah, and on the rare chance we get it, it melts by noon. Haha. I completely underestimated how much we would need and ordered TONS so we will have enough snow for a few years, for all 6 of our classes. A little goes a LONG way.