Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We Feasted...

Every year my kindergarten class has a feast.  We make pie, turkey roll ups, celery and toppings, fruit salad, and top it off with a delicious holiday drink.  We dress as pilgrims, make our own native american place mats, and visit with our friends.  It is always fun.

This year was no exception although anyone else out there who teaches two sessions of K???  Do you notice that each class is so profoundly different?  My AM class was so calm and mild mannered, delicately eating their food.  My PM class was all boisterous and spilling cranberry juice right and left...haha.  I promise I teach them in the same way, discipline them similarly  we have the same management system?  It always amazes me how different they can be.  Each class takes on its own personality.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty grateful this year... not only do I have a job I love and am passionate about, I get to hang out with those adorable faces.  I am also married to my very best friend and we have 3 incredible kiddos.  Life is sweet.  I hope you are able to find gratitude tomorrow as we pause for a day of thanks.  The hubsters and I are finally all settled in at my parents home (it was a long drive with too many potty stops for my 4 year old) and the kids are actually asleep (it is super hard to go to sleep when your cousins are there to play with) my desert is made and in the fridge and my dad is downstairs prepping the turkey for tomorrow.  whew.  The real question is do we even look at the sale ads?  I have to admit that now that Black Friday is Black Thursday I am WAY less into it... I am not about anything cramping on my Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. Hi! I love your Thanksgiving Feast pictures! I nominated your blog for a Leibster Award. Stop by my blog for all the information. :)

    ~ Lisa
    Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos