Thursday, November 8, 2012

Field Trip

I am beyond tired... 41 kinder kiddos on a field trip... today.  Whew.  In total there were over 120 kiddos on our field trip the 41 were just the ones that belong to me... they had a GREAT time.  Our firemen are pretty amazing and they put together one incredible field trip.  Check it out:

 Getting off the bus.  Our class went to the firehouse park first while the other group checked out the fire station, yep that's me in the plaid... pictures of me are a rare find, enjoy.  
This is my favorite kindergartener in the entire world, because she belongs to me... that's my daughter!
We all had so much fun at the park look how happy these monkeys are! 

 After a quick snack it was our turn to head across the street to check out the fire station.
 Each of the kidlets got to spray the hose... it was their favorite part.

 Here I am with about a quarter of my class... I am the luckiest teacher ever... they are so precious.
 Then we got to check out the fire trucks.

Then we went inside the fire station and the firemen taught about fire safety and all of their cool gear.

Here is my whole group (most of them anyway).  In front of the truck. Ready to head back to school. 

Such a fun day, the kids learned a ton and had a blast.  However I am glad that I do not always have 40+ kiddos in my tiny classroom... whew.

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!  Woo Hoo!

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