Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Squirrel Sorting

It is finally officially fall, despite what it may look like out my window (fall temps don't actually appear in Southern Utah until late October and some years even into late November, in fact last year I was still mowing the lawn the week before Christmas!).  Despite the sunny hot days I love fall!  So in honor of FALL!  I thought I would share a lesson plan I created this summer during CORE Academy.  Our focus this summer was the new Math Common Core, this lesson aligns with the Kindergarten Math Common Core Standards. It all began with this:
After watching the video I just KNEW that my kiddos would love watching that tricky squirrel find and hide nuts and I could build on that interest to create a lesson of sorting, sorting into groups, groups to make 5... you see how the cogs started turning and well once my group of teachers (who are some of the MOST amazing and incredible kindergarten teacher EVER) got to working together and talking things through we came up with this lesson plan (click to download the lesson plan).

Here is the sorting sheet to go along with it: (click on the image below to download your FREE copy from my Google Doc's)

I hope a little squirrel fun in your classroom will make you think fall!  It is by far my favorite season!!! I can't wait for cool nights, warm sweaters, and bowls of yummy soup (even if I have to wait until December).  Enjoy!


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