Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Rainbow of Color

It was Favorite Color Day in kindergarten today.  We celebrated ALL DAY LONG.  We had center rotations and got a lot done.  Here's a peek...

 We graphed our favorite colors. 

 Mixed up some colors on the color wheel (my amazing team introduced me to the idea of mixing colors with playdough instead of paint... BRILLIANT it is less messy and good fine motor practice for those fingers to squish, squish, squish).

 One of my incredible parents brought in these delicious snacks.  How fun for the kiddos to eat the rainbow (not the skittle version either).  They gobbled up these fruit kabobs.

 Color Monsters.  This is a favorite every year.  These little kidlets LOVE making their own color monsters and I love how creative they are.

Rainbow Hair by the amazing Mrs.Jump.  LOVE this unit.  I found it last year AFTER favorite color day and I was super bummed.  I have anticipated it all year and it lived up to my expectations.  My kiddos had so much fun creating their books and art projects and they turned out so cute.

Tomorrow is Brown Bear Day.  We will wrap up our color and alphabet review and Monday we get real.  Review is over.  I hope they are ready!


  1. Love the playdough idea - I am definitely pinching that one!!!

    1. Haha! PINCH away! Just a tip: I used homemade playdough, because I had some donated from parents, but store bought playdough makes much brighter colors when you mix. My purple and green were a bit muted due to the muted colors of the homemade dough. Have fun!