Friday, July 5, 2013

Planning and prayer through a mini disaster...

As you may know because I may have mentioned we are moving.  
I am realizing that once we move in exactly 10 days life will be hectic (haha, as if it isn't now!) and summer will be O.V.ER. much, much, much too quickly!  

We move our stuff into storage (250 miles away) July 15, drive back to St. George to party with some friends and close on July 22nd. 
(Please pray everything goes well for CLOSING we just had a home inspection today and discovered our water heater has been leaking for WEEKS and are now in the middle of major water heater repairs as well as tearing out sheetrock that is more than a little moldy, precisely what I needed today! This was NOT in the budget!!!)  
Then we are to turn around and drive those 250 miles once again to make the FINAL move and close on our new house on July 26th.  

We have meetings at both of our schools Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the next week, then a full week of New Teacher Induction (how I loathe that I have to go to a full week of new teacher induction meetings after teaching for 10 years), then we have a week before school starts!  Panic.  

Everything is depending on the fact that this house SELLS, it has to sell!!!  
In an attempt to make me feel better so much more stressed out, everyone keeps telling me their moving horror stories, how their house took 6 months to close, how they went through 4 buyers before they finally sold, how their moving truck got in an accident on the freeway and all their belongings were scattered across I-15... fabulous.  How do your horror stories help me relax???  How?

So how do I deal with my stress?  I plan.

Yep, while work men tore out my water heater and dealt with the NASTY mold I sat inside and worked on my planning pages.

(While my kids had a lunch of Popsicles, Goldfish crackers, and Hawaiian Punch.  Please don't judge too harshly.)

It got my mind off of how much this is going to cost me, on top of how much everything else is costing me, uugh.  On top of the fact that I am so far away I can't unpack my classroom, or decorate, or run copies, or, or, or!  And once I get up there I have to do all of that and unpack a house, and get 3 kids settled, and have both hubby, daughter, and I ready for a new school year.  Moving may just cause my mental break down if it doesn't bankrupt us.

I had to remind myself that this will all be worth it, that I KNOW this is where the Lord wants us to go, that there is a plan I do not yet fully understand.

So to help me deal, once my plan pages were done I moved onto this (as I tossed my kids some fruit snacks):

I am now curriculum mapped for everything but math (due to the fact that my math curriculum is 250 miles away).  It is amazing how a little planning can calm a girl down (that and a silent prayer or two).

Now I just have to figure out how we are going to live without hot water until Monday!  Good thing the kids got baths last night!

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