Monday, September 1, 2014

New Year.... Classroom reveal

I really dropped the ball completely as far as my blog was considered last year.  I had no choice.  I apologize, if there are any readers left out here to apologize to.  It was quite a year for our little family.  I just needed to be more present for my kiddos and my hubby as we all went through quite a transition.

I am about to begin my second week with my kinders tomorrow.  It is hard to comprehend that we survived last year and are staring over again.  I must admit this year has had a pretty smooth start (knock on wood).  For the most part I kept my classroom the same as it was last year, sans my teacher desk. I HATE having a teacher desk, it just becomes a clutter collector.  Here are a few pics of this year's classroom.

PS this little man is making kindergarten extra special this year!
I get to have my own sweet boy in my class this year.  I have to admit I was more than a bit nervous about how he would do (and how I would do) but so far it has been pretty great (other than him trying to take his shoes off all day, he hates shoes!) 

Here's hoping for another fabulous year for all of us!

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