Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Already!!! Freebie Time!

  Seriously, Friday, already!  I have been so busy this week... between getting myself ready for back to school, my classroom ready, my kindergartner ready (this is her first year and she is over the moon with excitement), my pre-schooler ready (he is wearing his backpack all over the house), and my hubby ready (it is our LAST year of his colllege classes, I deserve an award for being a patient and supportive wife)... I am exhausted!  But I do have a freebie and so I just had to link up!  But first here is what I have been up to in my classroom:

After seeing them all over pinterest, I FINALLY went to Target and bought some tissue paper.  It has been years since I have made a tissue paper pom (I made about a million one year to decorate for a school dance when I was in High School) I forgot just how noisy they can be.  Hubby was trying to watch the Olympics while I was whipping out these babies one night, he had to send me to the other room... his exact words,  "So ummm, how many more of those are you planning to make?"  I was on the second one... I had a few to go... oops.  I retreated to our bedroom, put on a chick flick and pommed my little heart out!

When I went to the school to hang my poms I had teachers and interns stopping by my room admiring their fluffy colorful pom-i-ness... it made all that folding and fluffing worth it.  I even gave a tutorial to a couple of teachers who needed poms in their own rooms!   While I was taking care of the pom situation my littles were doing this:

They love coming over to the school, but I hate the clean up when we are finished!  By the way if walking under a ladder is bad luck what do you think about playing house under one???  Should I be concerned for my little toddler?

Anyway on to my freebie, I originally intended to post my Subtracting with Pirates lesson, however, my cute kinder team member needed a new alphabet line, and so I made her one, and then our other team member needed one too... of course.  So I made her one as well.  I thought that maybe some you getting your rooms ready may find these useful so... without further ado here are my freebies:

and this one I have posted before but for those of you who may have missed it:

Happy Friday!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up today at TBA! I spent the entire year last year with no alphabet since I was Math & Science, still am, but I'm going to put yours up this year! :)
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    1. Yay! Glad I could add to your classroom decor! The best part of blogging is sharing with each other! I love it!

  2. Love your poms! They came out really nice :) I'm too lazy and bought premade ones at Party City..Best of luck setting up your classroom...

  3. Thank you for the ABC line freebie!!! Love it! Also, your poms look great!!