Monday, September 15, 2014

Moving Right Along...

We just finished day 14 today, 14 days!  I must say on day four I was concerned if my sanity would make it to day 14.  I compare training a new set of kinders to the third trimester of pregnancy.  If you remembered all of the discomfort of the end of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth you would hesitate to suffer through it again but once you see that sweet baby all that pain and discomfort is worth it.  That is what the first 10-14 days of kinder are like, PAIN.FUL.  But then after a few days of what feel like herding cats they can make a line, respond to your attention signal, transition from their seats to the carpet without running and somersaults.... ahhhhh.  Then the real teaching can begin and I fall in love with my new classes of kinders and I remind myself that those first 10 days were worth every painful moment.
I love my job, LOVE. and now that we are getting into our routines I am very excited for a fabulous year.


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  2. Yesss.... I love it when the "real" teaching begins! Hope you're still having a great year!

  3. How adorable kids they are. You know my kid is also going to best Phoenix preschool since last few days. He is really excited to learn new things in his school.

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