Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Story Bots...Ta Da!

I LOVE Story Bots!  My kinder kiddos LOVE Story Bots!  My four year old has begged for Story Bots all Summer, and now comes up to me and says crazy things like, "Mom, did you know that birds, bears, and bread sticks all start with Bb!" I love it!!!
You can check out their website and apps HERE (sadly ios only!  I am an android girl at this house, I know gasp! I LOVE my Samsung phone!  I just can't make the switch to mac. CAN NOT DO IT!) So I have NOT used their apps but I do use their you tube page OFTEN!

 They have the Alphabet Songs that my kiddos and I LOVE.  They also have Classic Songs that are cute.   Check it out:

If you haven't already discovered Story Bots I hope you love them as much as we do!  If you have tell me your favorite thing about Story Bots!

Happy Summer!

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  1. I LOVE how catchy the StoryBots songs are. I also like putting my students pictures in them so they feel a part of the show. They are super cute!
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