Sunday, April 14, 2013

a little metamorphosis...

We have been learning all about insects.  Our caterpillars have been growing and changing right before our eyes.  Of course they chose the weekend to finally create their cocoons, they always do!  So in preparation of what I knew the students would miss we watched this:

These are the same caterpillars that we have in our room, which made watching the video even more amazing to the kiddos!  I am happy to report that as of now all 10 caterpillars have successfully made it to the pupa stage!  Woo Hoo!  Last year we lost a couple during this critical transition!

Enjoy the below pictures of our caterpillars as they have grown and changed:

I can hardly wait for us to watch as they emerge as butterflies (just don't let them all emerge on the weekend, please!) 

To make our study of insects even more enjoyable we enjoyed this great yoga story when it was too chilly and windy to go outside last week... love watching the kids do yoga, adorable!

If you haven't done Cosmic Kids yoga with your little one's yet it is a MUST!  Perfect for an indoor recess day!  My kiddos beg for yoga.  I love that they are moving their bodies and listening to a story.  

Hope you had a marvelous weekend, I have!  My daughter and I went bike shopping (she just graduated from her training wheels, yep, she rode her bike without training wheels for the first time this weekend!  I said my weekend was marvelous!)  Now she and I can hit the town on our new bikes, she being so big and all!  Spring in Southern Utah is heavenly.  I only wish the weather were this nice in the summer time when I have time to fully enjoy it.  By the time summer hits it will be 110 degrees and I will want to seek refuge in my air conditioned home!  Every summer we have a day when the power goes out or the A/C unit ices over and I wonder how people lived here before electricity!  uggh!  I guess we better get our bike riding in while we still can!  I love it!  

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