Friday, March 22, 2013

Farewell Spring Break...

I am in a bit of denial that my Spring Break is over, real life has been hard to adjust to after waking up and falling asleep to the ocean every day for 6 days.  I could go back tomorrow!  I have decided listening to waves crash and smelling salty sea air is my happy place!  Hubby and I had a wonderful, relaxing vacay!  It was the perfect way to celebrate 10 amazing years together!

I spent a HUGE part of our trip HERE with my feet up, staring at the ocean outside my room, reading a book.  HEAVEN!  As a mom of 3 little kidlets and a full time teacher I don't have enough time in my life to just sit and read, I love love love having little kids but I have days when I am excited for that someday when they will be big and I will have time to just sit and read, no interruptions!

My other happy spots were:

I may be obsessed with watching the ocean, that happens when you have grown up in a land locked state.  So, now that the the trip is over... (insert sad sigh) I am freaking out that summer is right around the corner!  Eeek!  I have so much to do to get these kiddos ready for first grade!  But mark my words, they WILL be ready!

The next few weeks we are studying plants.  This week we planted our root garden and our grass seeds!

Won't those be adorable when their 'hair' (grass seed) begins growing!  I love them!

We have also started filling out our science journals, I love my cute little scientists!

After our plant unit we begin insects!  I am ordering our caterpillars on Thursday!  The kidlets FREAK out watching our caterpillars change and grow into butterflies.  I can hardly wait.

Oh I love teaching in the SPRING!

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